Archive and Install follow-up question

in macOS edited January 2014
I am a fairly new Mac user so I have never done this before. I upgraded via DVD on Saturday. All went well until my iMac rebooted. It then froze at the blue screen just before the login window. I let it stay there for about an hour, then decided I had had enough. I called Apple, and they walked me through the following process:

Turn machine off - worked

Hold down "C" and turn machine on - worked

Set install preferences (archive and install) - worked

Continue through prompts to install - worked

Machine came online and all seem well. All 3 user accounts were still there with their preferences, desktop images, icons, shortcuts, email setting, messages etc... When I was on the phone with Apple, the tech support person (who was VERY difficult to understand) said I would need to do a recovery on my archived system settings. Do I need to do this? None of the 3 users of the machine, including myself have experienced any problems or missing data.

Can any of you mac experts please offer some guidance? Can I delete the archive, do I need to perform some kind of restore, should I do anything?

Thank a bunch!


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