Contacting 'Big Shots' within Apple Canada

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I am trying to email someone in authority within Apple Canada to complain about their pricing policy. I've searched the websites, and ended up leaving the message below on their web site support section. Anyone know an email address to use? I started out trying to find Steve's address... yes... Job's... but as expected... no luck!

Here's what I emailed:

I would like an answer to some questions, but can't find an email address to an appropriate department.

Why is the Canadian price of Apple hardware up to 50% more than the same American product?

When are you going to lower the Canadian price? Or will you raise the American (not likely)?

example: xtremeMac XtremeHD 4 port HDMI swithcer is 99.95 in the US store, and 149.95 in the Canadian.

Can you give me an answer or at least the email of a vice-president of marketing in Apple (or higher level manager)?

Thank you. I am a long time user/supporter/evangelist of all things Mac... but am quickly becoming impatient with your pricing policy.


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    I doubt you'll get the Vice President of anything. It sucks though.
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    I was just going to post on this same topic!

    As a Canadian who for years has paid higher Canadian $ prices b/c of a weaker currency, now I object to higher Apple CA prices than for the same product on (US). Even if quoted prices were numerically equal, there is still a (currently) 7% differential!

    If the prices were appropriately balanced, this could really spike Apple sales in Canada.

    For example:

    imac 20" pricing

    1299 Cdn$ = 1364 US$ (5% exchange)

    1199 ? = 1726 US$ (44% exchange)

    799 £ = 1653 US$ (x2.07 exchange) US pricing = 1199!

    So, should I be 'pleased' with being gouged for only 1364 - 1199 = $165 US since the British get hosed for $454 US and the Europeans $527 US?!

    Not only are base prices inflated, but so are components (extra RAM, larger drives, etc) and software. My "choice" imac with extras had a total differential of $200. We know the product comes from China, so no bs excuses about shipping and yada yada yada.
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