gPhone and how will it affect Apple

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I was shocked to see Google hit $700.00 today because I was looking at their stocks several months ago where it was around $400.00. I should have bought some but didn't.

That got me thinking about the company itself and where it is headed. I thought that their upbeat market price was driven by this morning's headline where they will be announcing their attack on FACEBOOK. It was a complete surprise that all throughout today's financial news channels that none mentioned the Google social group plan but rather kept mentioning about the gPhone.

I'm curious if this will be the best competitor to iPhone and if so how will Apple respond to the gPhone?

Your thoughts...?


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    I don't see them as direct competitors.
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    Well, Google is making big wireless-related announcements next week. I suspect this hype will last through 2008. The iPhone may ride on this wave, though there will be some sharp stock-selloffs from jittery uninformed investors.
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