Just got Leopard, few questions and comment...my computers been running really hot...

in macOS edited January 2014
Hey, just got Leopard and I'm on my Macbook Pro, the first intel release. So 2.0 ghz. Anyways I thought it would run perfectly, but it seems to be heating up my computer quite a bit! the fan is constantly past the baseline 1000 rpms.

Overall it seems like they did make a few improvements, but the dock is definitely more distracting then before. Its so bright that it just gets in the way. I found those articles where you can mod the dock and change the color, which I'm thinking of doing, but I've always been a fan of keeping the system au naturale the way apple sets it.


1. Why is it running so hot on my computer? I installed it over, should I do a clean install? (its such a hassle, and I dont have my ilife disk with me and wont be able to install those items)

2. Wheres the ability to grab a bunch of items/apps and create a stack? Stacks only do folders

3. I have tiger programs, but they seem to be running slower, like AppZapper or even quicksilver, is this normal? Do i pretty much just have to wait for updates that are meant for leopard? Like avi movies really use a lot of cpu power through divx now. Also Microsoft Office definitely doesnt work! and I need that for school
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