Preview 4.0 Problems!

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I recently have loaded Leopard but have found some disappointing problems with Preview 4.0.

1. I used preview from Tiger in a law class where I can write text IN the PDF itself. Even though the text is big and bulky, (preview defaults at 13 pt. with yellow background and you can't change it without a hack) I like being able to print out the PDFs later with my notes next to the text I am talking about. This feature is no longer in the new preview for PDF documents! If it is I can not find it or get it to work. Instead there is a note feature.

2. How do you print your notes with the note feature? It prints the stupid little icon but not the notes that go with it or anything.

I know you can add text boxes to graphics but not a PDF!

Basically, how can I add text to a PDF directly on the new version of preview? Is it possible? I just want to enter a text box like I did on the old version. If not how do I print the notes I make and is that possible?

Also, I was told SKIM is a good program to do what I am describing, I downloaded it, and it unexpectedly quits every time, I think it has to do with not being updated for Leopard, who knows.
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