New Screen Saver; Eureka v1.0

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hi Folks. I've just taken the wraps off of a screen saver that I've been working on for the past few months. It's called Eureka!

Eureka! is based on the idea that a Quartz Composition supports layers. However, Eureka! takes things a few steps further and turns layers into...dun dun dun...customization. It contains 6 layers; 3 foregrounds and 3 backgrounds. The User may select the foreground elements and background that they want used via the "Options" button in the Screen Saver tab of Desktop & Screen Saver Preferences. The key is, you can have any of the three backgrounds running, and have different foreground effects running on top of it, allowing for the user to mix 'n' match for the setup they like!


-Aqua Spot


-Slide Show


-Mr. Spinner

-RSS Feed

-Personal Message

-Eureka! Software Update

To learn more and download Eureka!, go to

Eureka! is freeware, and I encourage people to try it out, and see if they like it.

-John French, Rigtacular Enterprises


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    Hmm... doing just the test from sys. prefs it seemed to lag a lot and generally not be visually appealing. Maybe because I was trying the iSight version. W/e.
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    Eureka! was optimized to run smoothly on a 1.83 Ghz Macbook Pro w/ 1.5 GB RAM & ATI Radeon w.128 mb VRAM. If your system doesn't meet those spec then....oh well.

    Also, You need to store images in your pre-made pictures folder for Mr. Spinner to use them.
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    Speaking of visuals, the new "Jelly" iTunes visualizer rocks! It's absolutely mesmerizing!!!
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