Some questions on my first MacOS upgrade

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Before I begin, here's the system specs:

15.4" Powerbook G4 1.5Ghz


Came with Tiger on it, and been running well since new.

So, I have formatted and reinstalled PC's hundreds of times, but moving to Leopard will be my first time doing this on a Mac. So I had some questions in mind:

1) What does "archive and install" mean? And is it a recommended way to install?

2) Simply "upgrading" windows, say from 98 to xp, usually ends badly. Is this the case for MacOS?

3) When I moved from iLife 06 to iLife 08, my pictures moved from individual files to some type of single proprietary mega file. If I just copy that file to my PC are all of my pictures backed up?

4) Should I deauthorize iTunes on my machine before doing ANY type of install/upgrade?

5) I mostly play World of Warcraft on my mac, and I'm concerned that Leopard will use more resources than Tiger... thus hurting the games performance. I intend to check with other folks who play the game... but wondered if anyone here has had any experience.



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    I have the identical machine. Did an "upgrade" last weekend... flawless.

    "Archive and Install" will create a completely new "System" folder for you, but will make an archive copy of your old System Folder.

    My recommendation for most folks is to back up the Desktop, Documents, Music, Movies and Pictures folders, then just do an "Upgrade" install. It really is trouble free for 99% of the upgrades.

    And yes, storing your "iPhoto Library" file on the Windows machine WILL back it up... it won't WORK on the Windows machine, but contains everything you want to back up if you have to move it back to the Mac.
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