Macbook Pro LCD Gamma problems

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I've searched everywhere and used every calibration utility that I know of, but I still seem to have a big problem with my brightness/contrast and colors on my MBP. I've used the ColorSync utility numerous times, and it never helps.

I first noticed a problem with colors when I was using Photoshop. I design websites and for some reason all my grays are showing as white on my Mac, while on my PC I can easily tell the difference between all grays. Yesterday I upgraded to Leopard and happened to read some articles on the internet about this cool Striped List View in Finder. Well, I don't see any stripes, it's as if my Mac is incapable of displaying that color blue. The really funny thing is that if I drag another window over the Finder window, that window's drop shadow brings out the blue in the stripes and I can see them.

Anybody have any ideas?


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    Wow, I just realized that this forum is for "Discussion" and not necessarily for help and support. Oh well, sorry if I'm imposing.
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