Confessions of a Mac Addict...

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Okay, I just got done having a pesudo-argument/conversation with a friend of mine who is a big PC user. And I'd like to just ramble and/or get something off my chest. From one Mac addict to other Mac addicts...

My friend is what I'd call a typical techy. He's got random computer parts all over the place, has home built PC's as old as a 386 all the way up to a 3.0GHz P4. You get the picture.

Anyway, he's always raving about Windows XP and Vista, all the typical PC arguments. But then he'll turn around and complain that his network is down, or that one of his PC's blue screened. Every day I hear this.

But when I try to appease him by showing him that he doesn't HAVE to live like that, he refuses to listen. I'll show him that I haven't had any problems of any sort in OS X since I BOUGHT my Mac, or show him just how easy it is to do the same types of tasks... Or how him how friendly and active Apple's dev community is, he just won't hear it.

He just keeps saying "Man, you need to get a job at Apple" really condescendingly... We're in our mid-20's now, But WHY can't he see it!? *gasp* *choke*.... WHHHYY!!???


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    Some people actually enjoy building a computer and tinkering with the OS. But Apple/mac doesn't allow this. In that case your friend would actually be LESS happy with a Mac.
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    I've hand built (more so recently) PCs from 386 all the way up to a Core2Duo Conroe overclocked (see signature below)

    Not to blow my own horn/trumpet(?) but I use Macs and work for an Apple reseller too.

    I am far, far from being an IT guru. But honestly exclusively-PC users, I am sometimes really amazed by their lack of knowledge even related just to PC stuff.

    A month ago I had to explain RAID to some PC component dealers, and for several months I've been trying to explain port forwarding, VNC, images (a lot of PC-ers still call it "ghosting"-old skool term), registry stuff. Wrote a .bat file (very basic) for some kicks. Works better than some $1000 software the company is using (??)

    I am a big fan of, and mostly just respect the PC element, only on the overclocking scene. Corporate IT not really because I've seen the bollocks that go on there.

    But PC overclocking, folding (Stanford), PC gaming (FPS, RTS, Racing) is still quite enjoyable for me.

    BTW, you *should* start working at Apple or Apple reseller.
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