Can't burn Audio CD's

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

I'm having troubles burning audio cd's.

I'm on a G4 powerbook 1.5ghz 12" running 10.4.10 with 1.25gigs of ram and a matshita uj-835e superdrive.

I can burn data cd's. I can burn dvd's. I cannot burn audio cd's, though I can read them.

I have tried two different external drives, one a pioneer 112 and the other a plextor 800a and neither will work on firewire or usb. Itunes and toast both hang. itunes, on the built-in drive tells me that it was unable to calibrate the laser correctly.

I have tried clearing the kernel cache and repairing permissions. I have tried the weird language fix in system prefs. I have tried resetting PRAM. I have tried different brands of discs. What should I do?????



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