MacBook - Buying Advice--160GB?250GB?--2GB?4GB? RAM--Running Leopard/Vista

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Hello Everyone!

New guy here and have been browsing through the numerous messages here and thought I would finally ask my question.

I was wondering what you guys think about which type of Black MacBook I should get for the tasks that I use it for.

Hard Drive: is 160GB enough? or should I get the 250GB? (some sellers offer a $100 rebate only on the 160GB if I go with the 250GB, I will have to pay for the difference, $150, AND the additional $100 for not getting the rebate. ($250 additional)

RAM: I was looking at crucial's website....approximately $100 for a 2G kit or $200 for a 4G kit.

Uses: I'm planning to use Leopard and Windows Vista with VMWare Fusion. Applications such as Photoshop, MS Office, SPSS, Internet Browsing, some Movies/TV series from Itunes, store my music on my ipod/itunes....possibly even connect it to my LCD tv for viewing, edit home movies and quite a bit of photos, etc.

I just want to have a computer that I won't have to update too much for at least 3 yrs or long as I can do my basic tasks. Not a gamer here so I really don't need a MBP for around $1,000 more....

Should I just stick with the 160GB? I have an older thinkpad with 30GB and I"m already maxed out...that's why I wanted to get the biggest HD available just as a reflex action....but my friend said 160GB is plenty for what I use it for and that 2GB ram should be fine.....I just wanted to confirm this....

What would you do?

Thanks in advance for the help! :-)

P.S. If I were to partition the drive for Bootcamp for would you partition the 160GB vs 250GB hard drive? I want to leave majority of space for Leopard but still have sufficient space for Vista and other Windows based apps.


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    160 should be plenty 2 gb of RAM at least. 4gb wont hurt It'll last three years Then again.. who knows what kind of touchy feely tablet fun will be out by then
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