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if anyone has ordered an imac from the 18th onwards and had it delivered, can you tell me if it came with leopard or tiger. i've ordered on the 18th of october and it was delayed until post leopard so i was wondering if it will come with leopard on?


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    It will come with the Tiger DVD's and a CPU Drop In DVD Leopard disc.
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    pevepeve Posts: 518member
    just picked up an imac - it came with tiger (and no drop in leopard).

    but you can get a copy of leopard here for 10$
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    rokkenrokken Posts: 236member
    The iMac I ordered on 17th came yesterday and no Leopard included.
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    what a bummer! i'll have to order the up-to-date disc then. still no imac! delayed production, now delayed shipment. not a happy bunny
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    maybe it was delayed for Leopard... perhaps you'll get it pre-installed after all.
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