Will Paypal $20 if you can delete my To Dos

in Mac Software edited January 2014
My Mail.app has 2 IMAP accounts set up - my personal email and my work email. I've got 2 Calendars set up in iCal - Home and Work. When I create To Dos in iCal or Mail, I'd like to select which calendar it belongs to.

Somehow I've ended up with calendars simply called "calendar" on both of my mail servers instead of using the already existing Home and Work calendars. I tried deleting these calendars, but they keep re-appearing every time I try to add more to dos. And perhaps because I tried to delete the server calendars while there were still to dos, I now have these phantom to dos that I'm unable to mark as done or delete. Also, every time I try to add new to dos, I'm prompted to choose to keep local versions or server versions.

This is driving me insane and I simply want to remove all to dos. I had my company's mail admin try to help me for about half an hour by monitoring activity on my mail account to no avail. He wasn't able to see what Mail was doing when trying to send or recieve to dos. Anyway, if there are specific things that need to be done on the server side, I've got a guy that can do that for me.

So, seriously, $20 via Paypal to the first person that can help me get rid of these to dos.

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