iPhoto disk & folder monitoring?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I'm probably missing something really simple and basic as I begin my foray in OSX but here's my question:

- I still have some WinXP/Vista boxes in the house in use

- I have my Mac

- All hooked up to the network

- NAS on the network has a huge library of pics (10K+)

- All the computers access this library of photos.

- On the Windows boxes I've been using Picassa and Windows Explorer to manage the photos

- Picassa has been great because if any changes are made to any of the directories or new photos are added by anyone with any camera on any computer, the changes are automatically picked up

Now, being new to Mac, I'm totally sure that I'm just an idiot and missing something, but how do you activate this feature in iPhoto? It appears to be deactivated by default and with different people and different cameras adding photos to the NAS, I want to see those photos in iPhoto. But... so far... I can't!

Can someone help me out here?


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