iTunes 7.5 + QT 7.3 = "new" MB

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Hi folks,

Really need some help here. I did the software update this morning on my 1st g C2D MB, and rebooted the machine...what came up was the Setup utility asking for country, language, etc.! Fortunately, with Leopard I bought an external drive and had it set up as Time Machine, and the set up utility does see it, but won't repopulate the internal drive with it.

Also, oddly, it also sees only half the internal drive as having space available. As I had used about 60gb on a 120 gb drive, I wonder if it just isn't seeing the stuff already there. Regardless, I am at a loss in many ways, so any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

I have generally been lucky over the years with Mac stuff, but this Leopard thing has had spots that I doubt were intended (keyboard drop out, etc.). This current problem though is the worst. But compared to what many others go through, both with computers and life in general, it ain't bad.



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    There's a file that lets the machine know if the setup has been done already. That file may have just gotten deleted. If you go through the setup and create a new user, you may be able to just log out and log in as the old user then delete the new account.
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