Accidentally Overclocked vidcard, now macpro is crashing...

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Hey guys so I have a bit of a dilemma.

Basically when I first got my Quad 2.66 Mac Pro I was all amped to finally play some windows games on my mac. This was at the beginning of bootcamp and driver support was pretty poor or so it seemed. The included bootcamp drivers weren't working well with my Radeon X1900XT video card. So I installed the Catalyst drivers from ATI and of course it has an option for overclocking which I turned on. Things we're fine for a while but then games started crashing I thought it was a windows thing, but then it started happening on my mac. I looked at the catalyst drivers and they think that the card isn't overclocked so there isn't anything to turn down. So I disregarded my problem as a hardware problem.

Then today I read an article about the new iMacs running too hot and crashing displaying graphical distortions similar to an overclocked video card......similar to my mac pro.

So now I'm pretty sure it's my card running too hot because these are the symptoms.

Games on loooowww res are fine, games on hi res crash and shut down the computer or freeze it. Switching to full screen in quicktime with HD video crashes it. Graphical distortions in the UI in regular programs. ect

So what can I do to fix this? I was thinking of just using my apple care, but I think if they find out that I overclocked the card I'm screwed. I should also say that I have recently formatted my harddrive and erased the windows partition and upgraded to leopard, If I need to put windows back on I can, but I'd like to avoid that. is there a simple fix that I can do like resetting the pram or what?


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    Hey FunkFish,

    You'll be happy to know I have pretty much the same problem as you. My card is running really really hot, I called apple and they are sending me a new one. They told me that the odd one has huge heat issues. When I get the new card I'll let you know if that fixes it.

    One thing I noticed is the card is right on the aluminum that covers the CPUs and I wonder if moving it up on t give it breathing room would fix that.

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