Macbook Pro video freezing Issues?

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I am having quite a few freezing issues with my brand new Macbook Pro. Even something as silly as the graphics in iDVD freeze and crash more than half the time you open the program. When it does open and stay open the level of video glitches is unlike anything I've experienced on a mac before.

I have spent a month going back and forth with customer service and the best they offered after many fresh installs, new users and tests was for me to send my new almost 3000 dollar machine back to them for a week.

I decided against that because I have a project due with a serious deadline, which is why I purchased the machine.

Has anyone had similar glitch and crash graphic issues on the newest Macbook Pros?

I posted this in the 'freezing iMac' comments but really would love to know if anyone else is having the same problem on a Macbook Pro so I am reposting.


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    I have a MBP 15" Core Duo 2 GHz with 10.4.10 and an external Cinema Display and I have the same problem. The display freezes and I have to restart. It happens when I am doing graphics-intensive work and/or the processor heats up. My current solution is to use smcFanControl to set the minimum fan speeds to 3000 rpm. This seems to solve the problem for me. The machine runs cool and I have not had a glitch since I did this change more than a week ago. My guess is that it is a hardware problem in the graphics processor (an ATI Radeon X1600 according to System Info).
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