Time Machine - Takes a long to Prepare?

in macOS edited January 2014
I tried backing up today and Time Machine looked like this for ten minutes (in other words, it was preparing for ten minutes), before actually backed things up:

Have any of you experienced this?


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    lennylenny Posts: 85member
    Not only Time Machine. I tried repairing permissions from the Disk Utility. It took about 6 minutes before the task actually started.
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    smeesmee Posts: 195member
    Yip, lenny I guess where in the same boat The same thing happens to me..

    Any ideas or similar problems? Anyone?
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    Same... I just let it go... eventually it finished its task and TM is up and running.

    The first set-up seems to involve building a "directory" that TM will use to determine which files were changed and when, etc (has to look at ALL your files to accomplish this). It seems to do all this before it even starts the process of copying files to the TM hard drive (the first one will take a long time.)

    Permissions repair behaved the same as well... but it finished a 250GB drive in about 4 minutes.
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    smeesmee Posts: 195member
    Yea, eventually it finishes it's task.

    I just didn't know if the time it was taking to do it was normal.

    But I guess it's all good

    I love my apple!
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    physguyphysguy Posts: 916member
    Don't forget that Time Machine works in a very friendly way with respect to other tasks. For me it always takes a long time, even with only a few MB of incremental backup, but then I have never noticed it working in terms of hangs, pauses, slowdowns. So basically - who cares about the time it takes - just have to expect it.

    I think Apple has done a super job with Time Machine.
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    smeesmee Posts: 195member
    Yes, I totally agree with you.

    Apple did an awesome job with Time Machine.

    I just wasn't sure if it was normal, but I just let it do it's apple magic, all will be well
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