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What happened to the Square Edge Aqua Theme?

I can't find it anywhere... i'm looking for just standard aqua, with square edge windows and menu bars...



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    I can make that for you real quick if you can't find it anywhere else...
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    Synotic made it a while back... it seems to have disappeared, and some abomination with poorly matched blue widgets put in its place...
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    Yes, but I made it before he did.

    Seriously. I made it for the Public Beta then he recently released his own for 10.0.

    I grabbed the Public Beta one I made and just now fixed it up for use in 10.1.

    I'm uploading it to my website now.

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    okay, here it is:

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

    It's Aqua with modified "Root Menu Caps" and "Document Window Titlebar Endcaps" and "Movable Modal Titlebar Caps". I'm pretty sure that is all that his changed too.
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    now, if i hadn't busted my os-x-box after i posted... :
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    Why do you want square aqua? Isn't that just jarring?? You'd hurt your tongue while licking the rest
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