Sending file from OS X to Vista on a Network

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Is there a quick and easy way for me to automatically backup a few of my OS X (Tiger for now. Leopard VERY soon)?

I'd like to automate it so that I can have the files copied in the middle of the night from my iMac to a Vista PC. Then, the Vista PC (Dell) will automatically backup the files using the free Dell DataGuard online backup.

I know, .Mac will do this, but the DataGuard came free with my wife's pc.


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    You could turn on "Windows" file sharing in System Preferences. Then write an Apple Script, on the Mac side to copy all the files you want backed up at night to your shared folder. Then on the windows side copy over the files. But as far as your windows side is concerned I don't know what you would do to get those file in whatever you have to get them in. Hope that briefly helps...
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    I think you can turn on file sharing on your pc also and then have the Apple Script copy over the files to that windows share. Goto connect to server in finder under GO menu, and type: SMB://<ipnumber>

    ipnumber is the ip number of that PC
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    This page is for Panther but most of the concepts should still apply.

    Also, you can copy the files to any folder you have explicitly shared in Windows. You just need to make sure the folder is mounted via SMB in OS X.

    I mount a folder with a command like this: smb://sparky/folder

    sparky is the name I chose for my desktop in Windows. folder is the name of the folder I set in the sharing dialog in Windows.

    In Leopard, you just need to enable the guest account and make sure guest has access permissions on the folders you want to share and they will automagically appear in the shared section in the Finder sidebar.

    Tip for paranoid people: You can create a hidden share in Windows by adding a $ at the end of the name. So the one above would be called folder$. In Leopard, this folder will not show up in the shared section but can be explicitly mounted with the smb://sparky/folder$ address.
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