Help how do you reboot in 9 from X?

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I got my mother into a new iBook so I could walk her throught the things she has trouble with over the phone without having to visit and play around with her machine. Which was fine until last night. One her friends has a kid who is supposed to be a Mac genius. So he comes over and loads OSX onto her machine. I don't have OSX. Got rid of it ages ago, it really doesn't offer me anything I want. But apart from that, how do I get her machine to reboot in OS9? Her big problem so far is that when she went from OS9 to OSX she lost her address book in outlook express, that address book is a couple of days work. It's worth going back to ( just to avoid the hassle of doing it again, unless there is some advntage to OSX that would be worth a couple days work.) I don't mean something abstract, I mean, when uses it, she get something so great it will save her two days of work. By the way, if I ever meet the little bugger I'm going to strangle him. Thanks in advance.


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    System Preferences -> Startup Disk
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    To be a little more specific:

    Apple Menu (it's still in the same place)

    System Preferences

    Click on Startup Disk

    Click on the disk that says "OS 9" or whatever the disk that has os 9 installed on it is called.

    Click "Restart"

    It will ask if you if you really want to do this, click "Save and Restart"

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