Hosted email offering full cross-OS support

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A few months ago I make the big jump and got myself a Macbook Pro. My first foray back into using a Mac since I had Powerbook Titanium when OS X first came out.

The obvious ? it?s brilliant, I can never imaging using Windows as my main machine again. I?ve managed to find OS X alternatives to most of my Windows apps, apart from one ? which is a service really? Exchange.

I host my email with an Exchange SaaS provider which works well enough, but still needles me that I can?t fully move away from Microsoft. In typical Microsoft fashion Outlook Web Access doesn?t fully work with anything other than IE, this is improved with Exchange 2007 and OWA Light but still? it?s the typical Microsoft approach. To get full integration with OS X apps such as Mail an iCal you have to use third-party tools.

Having experience in the hosted email industry I?m aware of the limitations with Exchange especially in case of disaster, and am not comfortable with a potentially long restore in case the environment fails.

As such, I?m considering launching a hosted email service that would offer the majority of the same functions of Exchange whilst providing a much greater level of cross-platform compatability.

The solution would provide;

-\tFully server-based groupware support for Entourage, Mail/iCal/Address Book (via iSync) & Outlook.

-\tLDAP and IMAP or POP3 support for other client.

-\tWebmail client with drag and drop functionality, showing the same data as when used with groupware support or IMAP ? including from non-MS browers.

-\tPrivate groupware areas such as Global Address Lists and Public Folders

-\tAdvanced spam and AV filtering ? spam is stopped before it reaches your mailbox.

-\tMobile device support for iPhone, Windows Mobile, Nokia Symbian, Blackberry and mobile web browsers. Some devices require third-party tools if instant mail is required and IMAP is not used.

-\tWeb administration console to allow alteration of users and aliases in your domain.

-\tCustomisable login pages to use on your own websites.

Obviously such as solution requires a huge investment, and as such I?d like to invite feedback. Type of feedback I?m looking for are;

-\tWould you use such as service?

-\tWhat sort of features would you expect?

>>\t Mailbox quota

>>\t Maximum mail size


-\tWhat price would you expect to pay?

-\tAnything else you can think of!

In advance I?d like to offer thanks for your time reading and (hopefully) replying to this post. If I launch the service I?ll offer the first month free to anyone who replies to this.


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