tivodecode and Leopard/TiVo HD (Series 3)???

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Anyone successfully using tivodecode to convert .tivo files (transferred through the web interface from the TiVo HD to the Mac) to MPEG files?

This worked fine with the Series 2, and Tiger.

All my recorded programs transfer across fine to the Mac using the "nowplaying" web location from the TiVo, but running them through tivodecode now produces MPEGs that either have no video or no audio when played in VLC.

If I transfer the files with TiVoToGo in Windows XP, then they convert fine with DirectShowDump, and I can retrieve them on the Mac from a FAT32 partition I made.

I can't move the huge 5 GB files from the Mac to the Windows FAT32 partition though - I suspect there is a 4GB limit on FAT32 files, right? Because smaller ones don't give a Finder error when I try and copy them to the FAT32 partition.

So not wanting to let the Windows side transfer 40GB again, and having to give up OS X for the 10 hours it would take, I want to ask if anyone is seeing "no audio" with files run through tivodecode.

If you are not familiar with tivodecode, can you tell me a good way to take a 5 GB file on the Mac side and be able to access it on the Windows side?

I don't really want to install Parallels again...
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