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has anyone here used anything like 3m's paint protection film for their macs? those of you who are unfamiliar with this product, it's a clear sheet, pretty much invisible that adheres to surfaces to protect them. it's usually used on cars but people like applepeelz ( http://www.applepeelz.com ) make kits for macs. i was just wondering if anyone has used/heard anything about this stuff. i just got a new white macbook and i am looking for some good protection. thanks for the input.


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    Creative plug you've posted. Excellent.
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    Creative plug you've posted. Excellent.

    excuse me?
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    excuse me?

    I think he was accusing you of spamming. Can't see why myself - your post seems to be a reasonable question. But there you are. We live in a world of cynics.
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    ok so i got the applepeelz whole set and it looks pretty good. if anyone is considering buying this stuff make sure you use a good amount of soap and the best lint free cloth you can find. i used a credit card and microfiber rag around it to make a squeegee. make sure you start with small partsfirst and do the top lid last. by then you should be really comfortable using it. my only concern now is the moisture that was used to put on...hmm. if anyone wants to see let me know and i will put pics up. overall it's pretty cool but a major pain in the ass to apply.
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    I would like to see how it looks. I am curious to how scratch resistant it is because i was looking at invisible shields but it doesn't cover couple areas around the trackpad which is kinda lame considering it makes it glossy.
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