Mac n00b has 'issues'

in macOS edited January 2014
Bet you all find this sooo much fun. I'm going to bitch about some very minor issues I have with my new mac, and if you have any idea how to solve them, please tell.

Right, so I bought the mac with Tiger on, now it has Leopard. The most annoying issue was there beforehand, and it's to do with internet connect and keychain. Basically, the password keeps resetting, and I keep having to go into IC and re-type it. Dunno why.

Another odd thing, after I upgraded to leopard, is that system preferences has a number of odd graphical glitches. The contents of the window slide in smoothly, as usual, but then judder, in certain cases settling in a position slightly to the right, where I can't see some text. Hasn't stopped me using the computer.. but odd.

That's about it, in terms of problems. Well, apart from that ugly glass dock, but I sorted that out. And I actually like stacks, fancy that?
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