Anyone good with lux/Footcandles That could answer this question

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If anyone can help i'd appreciate it :-)

I found a product that gives off 100 footcandles or 1,076 lux

What the question is: How bright is 100 footcandles ? ---- Example if you're in a room that is @ 50 footcandles -how well would you see the light @ 100 footcandles ? example: If I want to do an 'awards rally" and have DMX lights

Since I know the DMX light is only 100 footcandles how 'dark' (footcandles) should I plan on the room being so one has a chance of seeing the DMX light?

I did a google search on 'lux' and found the below

Task lighting may have to be in the 20-50 footcandle range. Tasks like reading, playing games, and others that do not include fine detail will require 20-30 footcandles. Tasks like cleaning and fine detail work may require 50 footcandles or more.

But that does not really answer my question

I just want to get an idea before I buy the light


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