I Returned My new iMac And All I Got Was This Stupid Gift Card

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Well folks after exchanging iMac's for my fourth one (Thats right I said Fourth) this one had interface issues as well as my other three. You know the story black screen which requires a power shutdown, graphical artifacts and frozen screensavers. Fed up with waiting for a fix if there even is one I returned my iMac this evining for a refund. To my sheer amazment the Apple Store manager said he would mail a check to my residence and I was like What?!!?. He then told me that they don't have $1,600.00 to give to me. Well you know they did'nt have a problem taking my money but they sure did when it came to giving it back. The manager noticed my fustration and said he could give me a gift card which I could bring back tommorow night after he get enough money to give me so we'll see how that turns out. I asked him if there were other people returning their iMac's for similar issues and he comes back with no your the only one. I find that very amusing because not even two minutes later a guy goes up to the genuis bar with a new iMac frozen like a brick stuck on the white screen of death. I begin to listen in on the conversation like a nosy person as he tells the genuis my kid was playing a game and the system froze and when I wen't to turn it on it cannot locate the operating system. At this point I turn to the store manager and he has this big dumb look on his face as I say I'm the only one huh? After all this the manager tells me that this freezing issue is on the official Apple Disscussion Boards but Apple doesn't take those users problems seriously because 90% of the time the issues are false. Sniff Sniff Do you smell that? I better put my high water boots on because it's starting to get deep in here. Anyways thank you all for reading my ranting and think twice before making the plunge on a new iMac. At least until they start really try fixing this problem. Oh and don't forget any of your concerns you post on Apple's forums won't be taken seriously so my advice is not even to bother. Cheers.


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    That's shocking but the sad thing is I beleive it, Mac service and retailers are shockingly bad.
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    I had a bad experience trying to return a nano recently... The manager didn't even acknowledge my presence in front of him (he only spoke to me through the floor staff who was standing between us). He was too good for that; I was simply a customer with a complaint. The genius was a nice guy who was getting shafted by the system: he wanted badly to give me a new nano that was a well-built one, but he didn't have any because they were all that way. When I said it was immoral and illegal to knowingly sell defective products he said he knew, but he couldn't do anything about it because he was just a genius. I wonder if he has quit Apple, yet. I sure hope so, before his soul dies.

    Forgot to say that I had called the Call Center about the problem and heard the same old, "We have not heard of that problem." It was all over the discussion boards, too, and the Genius said that many customers had returned them, starting two weeks before I took mine in. Somebody was lying.

    And the stock kept going up...
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    It's unfortunate that some people have such bad experiences. I had an issue with the Mini I bought last week, and after reading some of these stories, assumed I'd probably get screwed too.

    I bought the Mini well after Leopard was released and was told by the salesman that Leopard would be in the box. It was not. I was very disappointed when I booted my system to see that it was running Tiger, and the system discs said "10.4.10." I called the 800 number expecting to be saddled with the $10 fee but was told to contact the store directly. The manager seemed surprised, looked up the serial number of my machine and said, "yeah, this Mini came from a different source. It's possible they forgot to insert the Leopard disc. Come in and we'll give you one."

    It was a hassle fighting traffic to the mall (Holiday shopping is in full swing here already), but five minutes after I walked into the Apple store, I had a retail copy of Leopard in my hand, gratis.
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