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Hi everyone!

I recently bought an Imac, and i use it mainly to edit video, but also to surf the web.

I was told that there are no viruses for mac, so i got no antivirus, but still i´m concerned about it, could anyone tell me if this is indeed true?

If not, could someone recomend a good (if possible free) antivirus?


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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,219member
    It is true. The only viruses that you are likely to encounter are Office macro viruses from your Windows-using colleagues. MacOS X antivirus software removes these. However, it cannot remove any MacOS X viruses because there aren't any.
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    ClamXAV works, i guess... its never caught anything though... I don't use office, so I don't know what kind of viruses i could have gotten....

    But the best antivirus info is advice: viruses only so far have only been small applications disguised as images. if you download an "image", and your computer says it is an application that you downloaded from the internet, DO NOT open it. the same would go for any other "document" that you download. Watch yourself, and you will be fine.

    OSX gets viruses as often as Linux users get laid. (i.e. never)
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    Mods, I would recommend sticking this, since this topic keeps coming up.
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    You can be tricked into opening concealed nasties as after entering the admin password there is a 300 second countdown where you won't need to enter it again if you are in an admin account. The way to beat this is to create a new account with admin privileges and remove them from your everyday account. You will still be able to do everything you want as you will still know the admin password, but the 300s timer is not active, so every item which needs admin approval will request it. No app can be installed without admin authorization so if opening a jpeg (or similar) requests authorization, it is dodgy.
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    the only use you can have for an antivirus on a Mac is so that you dont spread virusses unwittingly to windows users...

    but then again, who cares.. let em suffer ;-)
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