How to format memory card fro windows on mac??

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Every since I installed leopard I noticed that my memory cards (either formatted with the FAT system or mac extended journaled) are unable to be read and opened on windows computers.

any suggestions? thanks


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    Memory cards only ever need to be formatted in FAT32. If your memory cards that have been FAT32 formatted in Mac aren't working with Windows, the solution is simple. Format them in Windows, or with your camera/cellphone/DAP/whatever. Don't format them with your Mac.

    I have the same problem with flash drives. But having to go to your friends' Windows houses to format a flash drive so that it will work properly on both Mac, Windows, and digital picture making kiosks doesn't say much to your Windows friends of the superiority of the Mac OS.
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    I agree. there should be another way. Fomating used to work just fine with tiger but not anoymore with leopard.

    Any other suggestions? Maybe there is a program that does this?

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    Hey. My brilliant fiance just told me something that has completely SOLVED OUR PROBLEM!

    use the DISK UTILITY in the applications folder to reformat. it can format the card in windows or apple format with the click of a button!!
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    Hi thanks for this ... this was so quick to do .... I had installed shredit on my last mac and found it could not clear memory cards ... but this did it so well .... once I had chosen the memory card, click erase ... totally sorted. Thanks .... just wish it was made a little clearer in general information
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