iPhone Display - Yellow hue at the bottom?

in iPhone edited January 2014

I just bought my iPhone (o2 UK network) a few days ago and I'm worried if I'm being too picky.

The bottom 1/3 or maybe half of the screen (when held portrait) appears to be a slightly off-white hue, then towards the top of the screen, it appears more of a 'cold' white.

This is of course a subtle gradient that is only really visible on solids (white in particular).

I understand that this is possibly down to the way the display is backlit. The funny thing is, I went to the o2 shop to look at others, and they also had this subtle hue. Some more than others. However, I did start to worry if I was just seeing things.

Basically, does anyone else see this on theirs. Maybe open a blank Safari page and look at the white at the bottom and the white at the top.

Cheers, people.
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