Leopard broke on my G5

in macOS edited January 2014
Hey - I shut down my computer last night (dual 2.7), I think it was the first time in a few weeks, and I went to start it this morning, and when I logged into my user account all I could see was that "galaxy" background, and I got a error message that spotlight crashed and then the whole thing froze.

The same happens for 2 of the 3 accounts I have and I've tried repairing the permissions with a CD and that didn't help, I also applied the 10.5.1 but that hasn't helped either.

Is there a preferences file I could trash or something? I'd rather not re-install the OS if it's at all possible.


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    Try booting in single user mode: Start up with command-S held down. That'll dump you into a command line.

    Run fsck ( /sbin/fsck -fy ) and hopefully if fixed any file system issues that are causing your system to not boot.
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    Oh and when the file system check is done and you get back to the command prompt, type shutdown -r now to restart.
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