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Ok I'm the proud new owner of an Apple iPhone. I've wanted one since June and now I finally have one. I didn't realize that it would be sent direct from China though. Weird. It was pretty funny, it came from Shenzhen, China then to Alaska where I'm at , then to Indianapolis, IN, then back to Alaska. It drove me nuts I thought it had come in then the Fed Ex web site said it was on it's way to Indianapolis! Altogether it took 2 days to get here from China, not to bad. Yep, I've finally got it, my iPhone. And all is right with the world.

PS My wife got for my birthday. Ain't she cool!


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    that is an awesome birthday present.

    i kinda had to dip into my student loans to buy mine.
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    Picked mine up on Friday morning - after hanging onto my Samsung D500 for over 2 years.

    Must say the iPhone is brilliant and a real glimpse of the future - I can see laptops working like this, with embedded applications and no desktop, finder etc.

    Here's a funny story about a chap i work with who was eager to get an iPhone before me:

    He was having a drink with friends at home and the subject of the forthcoming iPhone came up.

    So they went onto the Apple site and got all worked up after watching the iPhone videos...

    Well by this time he was well sozzled and before he knew it he was on Ebay placing a bid on an imported iPhone, for the princely some of £349!

    Then off he went to bed.

    Next morning he got up and as he came downstairs he had that nagging feeling that he's done something he shouldn't have... whereupon he checked his email and saw the standard "Congratulations, you have won the..." ebay message.

    Oh F**K he said!

    Then he had to explain to his wife that he'd blown £350 on a phone - the same wife that earlier that week he's told that they couldn't afford to buy a dining table and chairs for their newly decorated dining room!

    She went mad and banned him from the internet!

    But, that's not all!

    Yesterday he had a call from the Customs office saying his package had been stopped, and he needs to pay VAT on it - another £70!

    So after all that he still hasn't got an iPhone and he's payed about £420 for it!

    Ho Ho, what a clot!

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    very funny story philbot.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,617member
    Friend just ordered one for me from the U.S. I'll be switching off Edge though.

    The Germans have to pay €999, I'll be paying €300
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    As a follow up to my earlier post:

    I decided to play a prank on him - I still had a busted old 1st gen iPod at home, so I put it inside my new iPhone box and sealed it in a courier delivery envelope, then left it at reception for his attention.

    His very funny reaction is now available on Youtube:

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