mac os x -> open with -> application question

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Does anyone know if it is possible to alter the list for the open now option in mac os x? When I want to click on an image and open with PS CS3, many times it list the one that I am currently using in my programs drive and also list CS3 a second time which is the one on the back-up drive.

Many times I have at least 2 copies of each application when I hit the open with. Any suggestions? It get's a little frustrating because sometimes I will click on the wrong cs3 or other application which cause the OS to open up the program twice...

Bridge is the worse so far for this.


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    Get a program like OnyX or Cocktail and clear you application and system caches. Sometimes old entries build up and get kind of annoying. You can also try dragging an image to the Photoshop icon on the Dock instead of messing with context menus.
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