iPhone users can now drop data plan, save $20 per month

in iPhone edited January 2014
For those of you who keep your iPhone connected via WiFi entirely more often than through EDGE, listen up. As of now, it appears that iPhone users can login to their AT&T myAccount page, surf on over to the "Add / Manage Features" section and opt out of the (previously required) monthly data plan. Making the change will save you a whole $20 per month -- or $240 per year, if you prefer that perspective. Granted, you'll also lose visual voicemail in the process, but at least you're now being presented the option, right?



My question is, will this or a similar change be seen in the UK aswell? It would definatley boost sales if that were an option.


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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,946member
    Is WiFi really that pervasive? Sure, I can use it at home and work, but useless at most stores and a great many restaurants, parks and so on. As pokey as EDGE is supposed to be, it's still better than nothing for anything between hot spots.
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