Possible to burn 6.0gb DVD?

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Before I say anything, I am not attempting to violate any copyright laws. The creators actually encourage duplicating this dvd (religious material so-to-speak).

Okay, so I created an image file using Disk Utility in Mac, and the image file is 6.4 GB. Can this be burned to a regular DVD (4.7GB) through compression or something like that? Or is this without a doubt a dual layer DVD? I had a couple of people interested in the DVD, and it makes me hesitant if I have to go buy dual layer DVD's. Also, is there a special way to burn dual layer DVD's? I've never used them before. Thanks for the help!


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    You can use software such as Popcorn or Toast (Titanium 8, I'm not sure if v7 supports this) to transcode a dual-layer DVD to a single-layer. DVD2One can perform the transcoding, but you need a burning tool (Disk Utility for example) to write the disk.

    If you have dual-layer burning support in your Mac, then you can use Disk Utility to perform a direct copy (assuming the original source media is not copy protected). Dual-layer media is much more expensive than single-layer media, but still cheaper than buying one of the transcoding tools above.
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    Use compression so it can fit on a 4.7GB or buy DL discs. They work the same way, just give you more capacity.
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