System Prefs Debacle

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Originally it worked, just with a few graphical glitches. Now it won't open, citing that I can't use it with this version of Mac OS. Recently upgraded to leopard... any ideas?


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    Fixed. I dunno how... but I managed to have the old app still in my Dock, working fine up till now, and the new one lost in my applications folder. My brain just exploded, seriously.

    While I'm here, does anyone know why a 802.11x password would keep resetting on internet connect?
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    Internet Connect does not function on 10.5. You now use the advanced settings in the Network Control Panel to make settings, and the menubar item to kick off connections.

    Additionally, it seems that 802.1X is still a little brittle in 10.5, better in 10.5.1, but still has some glitches. I have a bug in with Apple and they have requested more details (supplied).
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