Installed Leopard on my SP1.8 G5 and kernel panic

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
It worked fine for a week, after installing the first update to 10.5.1 I had it on as usual yesterday, left for the store. When I came back my screen was blank, the fans on my tower were all running full blast sounding like a turboprop, and now the tower won't boot from a CD/DVD/HDD/Single user mode, etc.

Everytime I just get the kernel panic error at boot and the 'Hold down the power button to shut down your computer.

Has anyone else experienced this with Leopard? Any advice on a solution aside from Leopard? Is there any way I can at least backup the hard drive to save my important data outside of physically pulling it and putting it as a slave in another PC/Mac?

I'll start troubleshooting hardware starting with RAM tonight, but was hoping to get some feedback from usergroups to send me in the right direction.
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