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Could someone please help me here. I appreciate and understand the difference between the User/Library folder and the top-level Library folder. However, what's the difference between the top-level Library folder and the System/Library folder?

For some reason I have half a pile of QuickTime components in the Library folder, and the half are in the System/Library folder.

Any clues?



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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,219member
    Things in the System Library folder are for use by the System. They should not be tampered with. Things that are in the top-level Library folder are for use by user-installed applications and utilities. Most of the things there were installed when you installed the applications that they support. Optional QuickTime codecs, fonts, and such like are also installed there. Remember that QuickTime is not an application, it is a MacOS X framework on which the OS and many applications rely. Do not tamper with the things in the System Folder or you may have a very bad day.
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    ok thanks - so any plugins for Quicktime I install should be installed into the root Library (or User Library) folders only.

    Got it
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