External boot issue w/ Leopard?

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I have a 24" 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo iMac at home, running Leopard.

I've traveled to my parent's home for the holiday, where my dad is set up with a brand new aluminum/glass 24" 2.4 GHz Intel iMac, also running Leopard.

Before I left home, I cloned my drive to an external (so I could take it with me), and was able to boot from it with no problems. Now that I'm on my dad's computer, I can read the contents of the cloned disk and access my apps, but I can't boot from the clone. It sees the disk when I hold down the option key during boot, but will not fully load. The disk whirrs and buzzes, and the spinner spins, but then the disk is quiet and the spinner (under the gray apple) keeps spinning with no boot. The OS simply won't load.

Is this a firmware issue, since I cloned a machine running on different hardware? Is there a way to correct this problem so I can boot to my own copy of Leopard, and not disturb the contents of his machine?


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    The new iMac must have some extra hardware drivers to support the Santa Rosa chipset that when not present will not allow it to boot.

    One workaround is to boot off of your father's restore DVD, and do an upgrade install onto your external drive. Deselect everything and just do a base OS install. That'll still let you boot it on your imac too.
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