ibook G4 soundcard problems with leopard

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After installing Leopard on my ibook G4 1,42 GHz it sometimes happens that my soundcard isn't recognized anymore. When pushing the sound control buttons (F3 - F5) the speaker symbol appears but with a "no parking" like symbol underneath it. After a restart the sound works properly again. Does anybody else have this problem or know a fix?


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    I can't even test my iBook G4 1Ghz 14" with 640MB Ram because the Essentials package fails, every time.

    With the growing number of reports from the PPC and Intel platforms on 10.5 I wouldn't be surprised if your original installation of 10.5 wasn't complete.

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    mrsinmrsin Posts: 163member
    I'm running 10.5.1 on my iBook G4 14-inch and have not experienced this anomaly. Since Leopard didn't seem to run as snappy as Tiger did, I upgraded the memory from the built in 512MB to 1.5GB (from Crucial.com). Now she's as snappy as when running Tiger .
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