Investing in foreign markets vs domestic (US)

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Given the recent economic turmoil in the US, I'm a little concerned about where the market is headed. Talk of a coming recession and 2 years or so until the subprime mess bottoms out doesn't help.

I've been reading lots of articles about investing in foreign markets, especially diversified mutual funds. I'm a little skeptical; the pattern seems to be that when this kind of advice filters down to the mainstreet investor the big money has already been made by the pros. (Asian markets are at their peaks, especially.)

Also, there's one other issue. With the dollar continuing to tank wouldn't you want to restrict your buying to markets that haven't seen huge dollar devaluations? Because wouldn't you have to figure the dollar's weakness into your cost of investing?


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    mydomydo Posts: 1,888member
    I would think the US economy is at a low right now. Buy low sell high. Despite that don't be fooled by all the doom saying on the US econ'. Japan is supped to be ruling the world right now. Next is China.

    Diversified funds are great. What do I do? Nothing. I enter percentages into a boxes based on how I want to spread the money around. I'm young and willing to take risks. Real Estate? Yes please. It's at a low. Foreign? Sure. US Stocks? Never a loser. Enter the currency market if you want to. I leave it the experts.
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