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hey guys, would just like to tell everyone about my experience when I bought the new alu imac and ask your advise.

The main problem I had with the imac was the delivery time: I placed my order on the online store for the 20inch base model with wireless keyboard, wireless mouse and the 320gb hard drive on the 18th of october. obviously this was a custom order so i knew it would take a bit longer to make and be shipped.

the initial lead times were for it to leave the factory between the 23rd-25th of october. the dates come and go and then on the 26th of october i get an email saying that they're experiencing higher demand and my imac will now leave the factory between the 30th-1st of october/novemeber. bit annoyed.

the imac is finally dispatched on the 1st of november and the delivery time is between the 7th-12th. having sold my laptop on ebay i've been without a computer for 2 weeks at this point. the estimated delivery is on the 10th. so everyday i check for updates on the online store tracker. the 10th comes and goes and i get an email on the 11th saying that it has been held up and will be with me by the 14th. i was getting so p'ed off at this point it's unreal.

then on the 13th i check my status and the imac has arrived in the uk but there still isn't any courier details. so i wake up on the 14th with no idea what is going on. i think to myself enough is enough, so i phone the apple help line. they give me some talk about my imac being delayed in the czech republic and it should be with me by friday the 16th. at this point i think enough is enough and i complain my arse off to them. the gave me £30 refund for the inconvenience caused and my imac is delivered the next day by taxi (cab), instead of parcelforce or ups.

i major gripe was with the online store. on the 13th when i was checking to see, the estimated delivery date was 10th of november (it had stayed that way since it was despatched), then when i checked on the 14th, the delivery date had changed to the 8th of november!!!! ridiculous.

so, all in all, it nearly took 1 month to get to me. i've been using it for a couple of weeks (everything going great) and i went to burn my first cd the other day. itunes popped up and said something about a HARDWARE ERROR and the same with Toast. I've tried different brands and it burned a CD-RW the other day but won't burn CD-Rs. it reads disks fine but ive noticed that there is a group of scratches going from the middle of the disk outwards towards the edge on some of my disks ive been using.

so, does anyone know what the problem might be or is anyone experiencing the same problem? what would you do in my position? i haven't got any apple store for 2 and a half hours drive and i can't be without a computer for that long because im in university.

anyway, sorry for boring you lot, but i thought i'd enlighten people about my situation!


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    I don't have time to red this now, maybe later. Did you call Apple? You get 90 days free telephone support.
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