Wireless Keyboard missing feature

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I've been using macs since before the emergence of the Bluberry iMac. Since then I've been really impressed with most of the design decisions apple has made...but one little line on the new keyboard page really surprised me:

System Requirements:

"Existing keyboard and mouse for initial setup"


I have to buy an extra keyboard if I want to move from my iBook to the iMac? What a waste!

Apple - ADD 1 USB PORT!

No more running out of batteries, no extra keyboard, and a smaller keyboard that fits nicely with a graphics tablet.

All for 1 USB port.


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    I'm not sure what the issue is that you're complaining about. I bought an iMac with a wireless keyboard and mouse, and no additional keyboard was needed for the setup. Bluetooth is enabled during the initial boot setup and it searches for the keyboard and mouse.
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    But you SHOULD still have a wired keyboard (and mouse) laying around somewhere.

    Say your smart-a$$ roommate/spouse/kid/ex/etc sits down at your computer, opens sys prefs and turns bluetooth OFF. Now there's no way to recover unless you have a wired mouse handy (or keyboard if you can remember all the keystroke shortcuts) ... (and let's assume they disabled screen sharing as well )

    A simple mini-USB plug would be awesome... they could even go with a rechargeable battery that way!
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,686member
    You don't need what Apple says, they are just making precautions.

    Edit: Google Search spell correction is better then Apple's built-in spell correction
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