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not even sure if this is a Hardware or OS question, but this morning i went to my MacBook which i had left on(only iTunes and Last.FM running). There was no music playing, but i figured my play list must have ended. I tried to start up some music, but nothing was responding, force quitting, or anything... so i forced a shutdown by holding down the Power Button, i then tried re-booting. Its happened before, there was no panic. I then went to do the whole Sht/Shr/Shv routine and came back to a dormant computer, there was just that little folder with a blinking questionmark on it. I inserted my disc that i got with my computer. It opened the initial startup screens... like to install the OS... then when it asked for a destination it gave me ZERO options.... none... where did my hard drive go? whats going on???? i bought it at BestBuy, so is it something that geekSquad could take care of??? please, i'm going nuts over here.... i've been forced to use PCs!!!



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    zoczoc Posts: 77member
    It seems that your hard drive is dead.
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    ps5533ps5533 Posts: 476member
    Originally Posted by Zoc View Post

    It seems that your hard drive is dead.

    how might that have happened? this MacBook is only 3 months old, and i haven't had any problems before????? if you're right is there any way i can salvage my files?
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    Put in the disk in and when it loads as thought its going to to a install, just go to the file menu and select disk utility and repair your hard disk. When done do a restart and the computer should startup normally. The startup will be slow so have some patiences.
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    zoczoc Posts: 77member
    PS5533 already tried to boot from the install CD, and the installer software did not allow him to choose on which disk to install. So for me this is more than a filesystem or partitionning problem. This might be a hardware failure and disk utility won't be able to repair the disk in that case.
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    There's a story about Seagate drives failing early in recent Mac laptops. You might be part of the unlucky ones.
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