Connecting Macbook 10.5 to Win xp network printer

in macOS edited January 2014
I have not found asloution to being able to connect to an XP home network.

I think it is a Xp issue as I can find a printer on the network of a xp laptop.

I can see the Xp workgroup on the PC but cannot see the user or printer. They just do not show up.

We have a links wireless network that we have used a hp printer many times from other pc laptops.

1. tried turning off firewall.

2. Mac recognizes and connects to printer on othe PC laptop.

3. Printer is shared.

4. Mac does connect to internet through Links wireless.

Anyone know a solution . I have followed the



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    Hey Jerry.

    You are trying to print from a network printer, right? What model printer? The link you included seems overly complicated. Do you know the IP number of the printer? If so, just enter the printer's IP # in the IP printing tab. This would be much simpler.
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