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in Mac Software edited January 2014
I just need some quick trouble shoot here. Safari 3 here on leopard doesn't allow the ol' activity -> download trick. (at least to my knowledge it doesn't work..) if it does work, can someone trouble shoot this for me? like, i double click it, and it just leads me to that url and plays the mp3 or the flv i'm trying to download.

any help is appreciated.

actually, never mind. you can copy the link from the activity window and paste it into the downloads window.. i knew there was an easy way to do it.. haah


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    Double-click has always done what you described. It's handled the same way as the browser would handle a normal link when clicked.

    But, in the same way that you can option-click a link on a page to download you can option-double-click in the activity window to force a download.
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