Leopard gets perfect 10 score from InfoWorld

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Check it out. Very good article actually. Even though there have been upgrade niggles, the OS is truly a masterpiece.


edit: i still would like more UI consistency ; )


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    aplnubaplnub Posts: 2,605member
    He must have missed the firewall port change from Tiger.
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    The review came from a guy whose other article was: iPhone: The $1,975 iPod

    Which made me LOL because it's true.

    FTA: "Apple supplies a consistent, familiar, and well-documented path for developers to do any given thing. In contrast, an entire industry has sprung up around providing developers with proprietary plugs for the gaps that Microsoft leaves in Windows, often intentionally as an aid to the third-party development community. The completeness of the Mac frameworks leaves no room for a marketplace for Mac developer library enhancements."

    Growl notwithstanding (because it is excellent, open source and invaluable), he's right.
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    FTA: "iCal sends and consumes events packaged in the same RFC 2445 iCal (no relation) format that's understood by Outlook and all other serious calendar apps. I can e-mail an iCal event to my Nokia E61i or BlackBerry and click to add it to their calendar. Leopard's iCal supports the WebDAV protocol for easy synchronization with Web-based calendars such as Yahoo's and .Mac's."

    Cool! I did not know that! Perhaps I'll actually use iCal now.
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    dacloodacloo Posts: 890member
    What a crap article. Everything is hosanna, perfect, cool and superb. There is no OS that deserves a perfect 10... I'd rather read a real review like the Ars Technica one.
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