Another iBook G4 question

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Hey all,

Thanks in advance for any input. Here is my situation.

iBook G4 1.33

The hard drive was toast in this machine and as a result it has been sitting quietly in my office for the last 9 months.

I finally got around to replacing the hard drive over the weekend. I went in, made the switch, no problems. I booted up the machine, everything was working. Installed a new OS, everything was fine. I tested it out, surfed around for a couple of hours, restarted it, shut it down, let it sit, restarted it, etc etc. Everything seemed great. Plugged it in to charge up the battery, again everything cool.

So, the next morning the weird stuff begins. The computer was off and would not boot up. Nothing at all. I shook my fist at it and walked away. 30 mins later I come back and hit the power button and it boots up just fine. Great!

Wait....hmmm....something is odd...the num lock seems to be stuck and unresponsive. I cant do anything but type numbers and the key will not turn it off. The mouse works, and I can navigate around, but nothing else. After a few zaps and restarts later, keyboard is back to normal. Yey!

Everything is working fine. I started loading up software and my battery was getting low. I plugged in the power green/orange indicator lights? The battery icon did not change to "charging". The computer eventually went to sleep and never woke up again.

With the AC adapter plugged in now:

- no indicator lights at all

- battery is not charging

- power button does nothing

- resetting PMU does nothing

- using a different AC adapter does nothing

- will not boot with battery out and AC charger in

- will not boot with battery in and AC charger out

- will not boot when I yell at it

Sorry for the long post, just being complete. Questions are:

Should I:

- replace DC board?

- is there some possible way to test DC board before I replace it?

- does it sound like mother board is dead?

- should I hit it with a hammer?

Thanks for reading and to any input you may have.


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    Before you start replacing parts, try reseating the keyboard. Also, make sure all of the cables inside are seated correctly. Sometimes this is all it takes. I know that these are a pain to work on, but it's better than buying a bunch of parts and finding out all it needed was a reseat!
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