Looking for a good 'network' Time Machine Drive

in macOS edited January 2014
Now that I've upgraded to Leopard I want to get a Time Machine Backup Hard Drive and am looking for a drive that is at least 750GB, possibly up to 1TB.

I know that at least currently Time Machine won't work with Airport Base Station Hard Drives. If I have to I'll just direct connect a hard drive via Firewire but my preference is to connect a hard drive through a Home Network (directly connected via Ethernet). I've heard this is an option but now that Time Machine has been out for awhile what type of experience have users been having with this set up?

Two things I'm looking for though:

So that I various options for hooking up this drive in the future I want one that has Ethernet, USB, and Firewire connectors

I've heard there is a certain type of format that you need with networked hard drives in order for them to work with Time Machine. I'm not familiar with exactly what I need so what type of hard drive do I need?

Lastly, if I'm using this in my home with Ethernet if I take a business trip can I simply take the hard drive with me and connect via Firewire and continue using as a Time Machine drive while on the road?


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    I personally like putting my own together using a quality enclosure from say: http://eshop.macsales.com/search/hard+drive+enclosures, and a hard drive compatible to what ever unit chosen. Remember a sata enclosure for a sata drive, I didn?t once. I like FW but make sure drive has Oxford chipset. I also like the idea of eSata for the speed. My choice for drives are the ones with a 5 year warranty like the WD Enterprise units. Just about all units are ?portable?, cables/wires considered.
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