HELP! My screen resolution is oversized and desktop moves around!

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My MacBook Pro is suddenly misbehaving in a strange way. I say suddenly, but I'm not sure what happened as it was my son who was browsing the net while it happened, and he cannot explain whether he pressed any keys or anything.

The screen has the wrong resolution, completely oversized, so I cannot see the whole desktop on my 17" screen. The desktop is moving when I use the trackpad. The cursor is moving as well, so I have enough control to actually log on and write this post. If I move my finger to the left, the desktop is moving right as if I'm scrolling. What is going on?

It doesn't help to change settings in Displays in Sys Prefs (it is set at 1680x1050 - correctly, I believe), nor does it help to use a mouse or external keyboard. I have tried shutting down/restart, starting from install disk running Disk Utility which only did a minor repair and didn't solve it. Hardware test found nothing wrong.

I could probably solve it by reinstalling the system, but would rather avoid it as I probably will have to go through a lot of settings again. Install disk is 10.4.6, and I'm on 10.4.11 (have been for a week or less without problems).

I would greatly appreciate any help as this is my work computer and must be running properly on Monday morning. Maybe I need something like TechTool Pro to fix it?



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    are you zoomed in?

    Try holding the apple key while scrolling down.
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    Hi Bobmarksdale,

    You set me on the right track! Holding the apple key down didn't change anything but a quick search on Help suggested zoom function in Universal Access in SysPrefs. You're right - it was on! My son must have accidentally pressed apple-option-8!!

    I've never really checked those things, so I've learn't something today!

    Thanks for your help - and very quick it was as well!

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